Willamette University Issues News About New Faculty Members

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During the Opening Convocation of the College of Law, seven outstanding faculty members were recognized for their outstanding achievements in the academic year that has just passed. The faculty includes three new professors and seven tenured faculty members. These new members are joining the College of Law at Willamette University.

Professors James Gupta-Kagan, David Friedman, and Shelley Welton have all received awards for their scholarly work. In addition, Professors Bruce Garrett and Geoff Winkler have been named to the Dean’s List for the fifth consecutive year. The class is also one of the most academically talented classes in school history. In addition, this year’s students have improved the school’s profile for the fifth consecutive year, increasing the school’s overall reputation to the top 25 percent of legal schools in the nation.

Other notable faculty members include Professor Laura Appleman, who trains students to practice criminal law. Professor Warren Binford has received a grant to combat child sex abuse images online. He also received the Oregon American Constitution Society Award of Merit for his work in the field.

Associate Professors Etienne Toussaint and Madalyn Wasilczuk join the College of Law. They will work together to develop the Children’s Law Training Center. The Center will offer immersive learning simulations, as well as first class training space. This center will soon provide legal services for children in need in communities throughout the state.

Professor Joe Grundfest will teach a course on high frequency trading, explaining how mere milliseconds can be problematic in high-frequency trading. He also teaches the History of American Christian founding narrative. Other notable faculty members include Professors David Friedman and Rohan Grey. Grey focuses on land use law and the regulation of money. His research has been published in the Cambridge University Press. Other faculty members include Professors David Friedman, Claire Raj, and Abby DeBorde.

Willamette Law has a unique approach to legal education. It emphasizes shared ownership in its reopening efforts. Its students and professors are encouraged to utilize the law’s resources to gain experience and develop their skills. In addition, the law school has an Externship Program to help students gain real-world experience.

The School of Law also has one of the nation’s top incubators of young talent. For the past 34 years, Jim Averill and his wife, Pat, have given to the Willamette University Law Annual Fund. A recent gift from the Wolf estate will expand curricular modernization and experiential learning. The gift also includes a $2 million professorship in humanities.

Willamette Law has added six new certificates. These certificates include a Health Law Certificate, an Immigration Certificate, and a Certificate in Health Care Law. The School of Law also offers a Post-Baccalaureate program that allows for a direct admissions pathway from undergraduate study to law school.

The School of Law encourages students to participate in the Adopt a Teacher program to benefit local schools. The School of Law will welcome 217 first-year students on August 17. These students are among the most academically talented classes in school history. These students represent dozens of states and countries.