Willamette University College of Law Issues News

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Willamette University College of Law’s faculty and staff are putting their heads together to help students prepare for a changing world. With new programs and resources, the university will offer students a variety of opportunities to learn, grow, and serve their communities. Among these are the newly announced Signature Strengths Initiative, a post-baccalaureate program, and a Health Law Certificate. In addition, the College of Law has added six more certificates and a new adjunct professor to its already impressive faculty.

Willamette Law’s new Health Law Certificate will focus on the legal issues facing the health care industry. In addition, the College of Law has announced a partnership with the University of Alaska Anchorage to expand access to students from Alaska. This is the first partnership between the two universities and is expected to increase opportunities for Alaskan students.

Willamette Law is also home to the only Immigration Clinic in Oregon. This unique program is a part of the College of Law’s Externship Program. It offers students an opportunity to work with a judicial clerk and participate in experiential learning. In addition, the clinic provides services to local businesses. Moreover, the clinic has provided free legal assistance to countless Oregonians over the years.

The college has also launched a new 3+3 program with Portland State University. This partnership will enable Willamette University College of Law to provide a more comprehensive, hands-on experience to students. In return, Portland State will give Willamette students access to some of the best career opportunities in the area.

Willamette University College of Law has hired six new faculty members, including two new associate professors. The university also announced that it will continue its efforts to make the legal system work for the people. This year, the College of Law will hire a new dean and a new dean’s fellow. In addition, the College of Law will add a new associate professor of science and medicine.

Willamette University College of Law’s website is a treasure trove of information. In addition to the standard student and faculty portals, the site includes new multimedia storytelling tools. The Willamette website also includes a gateway page for the community to see what the university has to offer.

The college has a long history of putting students in real-world situations. This is exemplified in the Bruce Spaulding Trial Competition, a series of competitions that pits law students against some of the best legal minds in the world. The competition lasted until September, when the final round of contests was held. Several prominent legal scholars gave their insights on the case.

Willamette Law is also known for its progressive approach to legal education. The school’s newest teaching faculty members include a law professor and a former mayor of Keizer. This ties in with the school’s longtime commitment to community. In addition, the College of Law’s new signature strength is its focus on shared ownership.

The Willamette University College of Law has been named one of the top law schools in the country by US News & World Report. The school has posted the highest employment numbers in Oregon for six straight years.