What is Law New?

Law new is a term used to describe legal services offered by firms that offer a variety of alternative approaches. This includes things like alternative legal service providers (ALSPs), startups that augment legal services, and even some firm subsidiaries offering specialized or niche work. This type of practice is a growing area of the industry and is something that every law firm should explore to its advantage.

The start of a new year brings with it a variety of laws that take effect, covering issues as diverse as workplace safety and gender bias in pricing for personal care products. But not all of the new laws coming into effect are likely to have a significant impact on anyone’s daily life.

In fact, a look at the new laws that are set to take effect in 2023 reveals that many of them are quite mundane. For example, a new law that takes effect in Illinois allows people to file paperwork for a protective order by email or online in addition to in person. Another law allows workers who have suffered a miscarriage or other diagnosis or event that impacts pregnancy and fertility to take up to 10 days of unpaid leave.

Meanwhile, a law that takes effect in California will bring a little more transparency to workplaces by requiring companies with 15 or more employees to put salary ranges into job postings. However, intense business opposition blocked provisions that would have required the publication of pay data broken down by position, gender and race.

A law that takes effect in the City will require companies or other entities that have a security breach that affects a person’s private information to promptly report that to the City and affected persons. It will also amend the City’s existing privacy rules to make them more consistent with State law.