Relationship Terminology


Understanding relationship terminology can help you understand the meaning of words like “intimacy” and “commitment.” There are several different types of relationships, and the terminology used to describe them can vary widely. Understanding the difference between these different types can help you communicate with others in a clearer way. Here are some common relationship terms:


Intimacy in relationships is not only about physical intercourse but also includes feelings of shared emotional connection. It is a part of all loving relationships and may lead to further sexual relations.


Commitment in relationships can be beneficial for many reasons. For example, it provides strength for parents to make decisions for their children. Likewise, commitment can provide protection and freedom for children.

Complexity of relationships

Relationships are complex and enormously difficult. They require forgiveness, tolerance, compassion, and a desire to make the other person happy. In the early stages of a relationship, each person has romantic dreams and hopes of being loved and fulfilled. This idealization often blinds a person to the faults of the other person.

Intimacy between close friends

Intimacy between close friends is a normal part of relationships. It can be defined as “a sense of closeness and mutual understanding between two people.” It can be sexual or non-sexual and is not a prerequisite for love or romance. It involves a feeling of safety, acceptance, and support.


Monogamy in relationships is a social construct with both negative and positive effects. On the positive side, it promotes gender equality and provides a stable environment for children. On the negative side, it can be destructive.

Platonic relationships

Platonic relationships are different from normal romantic relationships because they do not have any elements of sexual desire. Platonic relationships are more like friendships and are often more peaceful. This type of relationship is more fulfilling than traditional romantic relationships and is often the most fulfilling type of relationship.

Casual relationships

A casual relationship is an emotional and physical relationship characterized by little to no commitment or responsibilities. This type of relationship is often called casual dating.