New Law for Law Firms

The practice of law is a constantly evolving field. Firms must keep abreast of new ideas at every turn, identifying ways to best serve their clients and grow the business. One of the more interesting developments is the idea of “law new.” This concept refers to legal practices that are not a primary focus of the firm, yet that can complement and add value to its overall client service offerings. A well-planned new law strategy can help firms find a valuable way to serve their clients without impacting other areas that might be their main focus.

This week’s laws that have been enacted or revised:

New law
Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation S.6577/A.6656 to further protect property owners from deed theft, a practice in which individuals are cheated out of their property titles. The bill expands the ability of prosecutors to void fraudulent instruments that affect ownership of and interests in property, and allows the Attorney General to join district attorneys in investigating or litigating cases involving deed theft.

New law

The Law Department has created a new online tool to help users better understand their rights and responsibilities under state and federal laws. The interactive tool provides an overview of the different types of laws, including statutes, regulations and case law, and explains how each type of law applies to specific situations.

Law new

The tool also allows users to search for specific laws by name or keyword, and by congressional session. It also provides information about the lawmaking process, impeachment and other aspects of federal lawmaking. Users can also learn about the lawmaking process in the House of Representatives and Senate, and access a list of all bills that have been introduced or passed by Congress. This list includes public laws (PL numbers), as well as private laws compiled by the Law Department’s slip law services, and a full text of the Statutes at Large. To use the tool, click here.