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A new law in New Hampshire makes it illegal for certain concepts to be taught in public schools. The law, known as “divisive concepts” laws, bans the teaching of racism, discrimination, and superiority, among other things. It also gives the New Hampshire Commission on Human Rights authority to take complaints from individuals or groups.

The ACLU of New Hampshire has challenged the Attorney General’s Office on the matter. Law360 has been covering the case extensively, and will continue to do so. In addition to Law360, LexisNexis has provided updates to its research guides, federal legislative history research guide, and practical guidance. These resources are designed to provide a comprehensive look at the law, as well as other relevant information.

LexisNexis has also updated its InfoPro products, which includes Lexis+(r), Lexis(r) Federal Securities Index, Lexis(r) Alerts Guide, and the Lexis(r) CourtLink. This is a valuable tool for those in the legal profession who work on cases that deal with civil litigation. MLex(r) has been updated to cover the complex global response to the war in Ukraine, as well as the resulting implications for Russian sanctions. Other enhancements to Lexis+(r) include the fact and issue finder, which now includes statutes and complaints. Additionally, the Legal News Hub has been updated to include more premium content.

In addition to these updates, LexisNexis has also expanded its Intellectual Property Solutions suite. It now offers an expanded variety of content including more than 430 publications, an Intellectual Property Practice Guide, and more. As a result, a Legal Information Professional can be confident that they have the tools they need to help with all of their intellectual property research needs.

Another product enhancement is the launch of a new series of state motion metrics. State Motion Metrics can help attorneys and others track the progress of litigation in their state. These metrics are based on the LexisNexis Legislative Tracking API. When attorneys are ready to file or defend a lawsuit, they can use these data to get a better idea of where their cases are in the litigation process. They can then use this information to save time and money.

The Intellectual Property Law Blog is a resource for lawyers interested in covering breaking news in copyright, trademark, and patent law. It also covers regulatory, legislative, and personnel moves. Using the blog’s extensive archive, it’s easy to stay on top of the industry’s most important developments.

Law360’s Pulse has recently updated its summer associate survey. Also, the ABA’s Blawg Directory has a list of blogs. Justia’s BlawgSearch also lists blogs. All these resources are helpful to the legal professional who is constantly monitoring news and trends in the law and industry.

LexisNexis recently announced that they have acquired IPlytics, a company that provides intellectual property protection. Additionally, LexisNexis has updated MLex(r) reports and its Federal Appellate Analytics. Finally, the company has hosted law librarians and other legal professionals from around the country at its 2022 AALL conference.