Business News Daily and the Book of Lists

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Business News has won numerous awards. It has been recognized with a Bronze Award for Best Small Business Tabloid and the Bronze Award for Best Scoop from the Alliance of Area Business Publications. In addition, it has received numerous Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards for its design, and for its daily e-mail.

Business News Daily

The team at Business News Daily is led by Katelyn Andrews, a content marketing specialist with more than a decade of experience in marketing small businesses. She has worked in growth marketing and digital marketing across several industries. She also has a background in small business operations. In addition to her role at Business News Daily, she is involved with a neighborhood association group in her hometown and teaches high school students how to use social media to market themselves.

Business News Daily is the premier source for content for startup and early-stage business owners. The site is published daily, seven days a week.

Book of Lists

The Book of Lists is the most trusted business directory in upper East Tennessee and southwest Virginia. Published in glossy magazine style, it delivers long-lasting value. Its listings of major deals in the region are read by thousands of people. Advertising in the Book of Lists enables you to place your message next to a list of key decision makers in your industry. As a result, your company gets exposure to a wide range of potential customers.

This powerful business intelligence service is powered by a data-driven platform that draws from two decades of information and daily data. It uses the power of this data to build evidence-based lists of influential individuals and companies across the region. More than 25,000 executives rely on this source for their business intelligence.

Success & Leadership breakfast series

The Success & Leadership breakfast series features the experiences and insights of successful business leaders from Western Australia. Speakers are invited from a diverse range of industries, and the series offers a unique opportunity for a captive audience to learn from the speaker’s leadership journey. The series’ format offers a 45-minute moderated in-conversation that invites audience questions and enables the speaker to share his or her expertise. The speakers will be able to address relevant issues that are important to business leaders.

The breakfast series features renowned speakers and leadership experts who discuss a variety of leadership and educational issues. The event provides an opportunity for teachers and school leaders to gain valuable insights.