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business news

Business news is a broad category of media reporting on the economy, corporations, financial institutions and more. It is a core element of the journalism industry and serves to inform practitioners, general audiences, other business experts, and investors about the economic activities of companies and organizations. Business journalists cover almost everything that involves money and commerce, including the rise of influencers.

A business is an entity that exchanges goods or services for money or other assets in the hope of making a profit on the transaction. This could include trading in securities, such as stocks or cryptocurrencies, as well as barter-style trades of one good for another. Businesses can also be non-profit organisations that invest their profits back into achieving stated goals or improving infrastructure, or they may be publicly listed on a stock market and owned by the public. In addition, businesses can be government-owned.

Business News Daily is a leading provider of business news, covering the global economy, markets, corporate finance, entrepreneurship and more. Its news, analysis and commentary is written by experienced business journalists and features contributions from leading experts. Business News Daily is based in Waltham, Massachusetts and has offices in New York City and Los Angeles.

Eric Noe is editor-in-chief of Business News Daily, running all editorial content operations. He has 15 years of experience building and managing digital content teams in both traditional media and startup worlds. His executive management work has spanned global and business news, philanthropic social impact campaigns and brand-building content partnerships. He has a passion for delivering the truth in an unbiased way and is committed to finding stories that help readers grow their businesses.